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Ivy City Real Estate

Located in the Northeast Quadrant, Ivy City is one of DC’s oldest and best kept secrets.  Its rich history starts with a Civil War-era poet who was obsessed with ivy and dubbed the fledgeling community “Ivy City” in 1873 after his estate of the same name.  The name endured and Ivy City grew in prominence, fueled by the growth of the railroad.  When the railroad tracks moved in the early 1900s, the once vibrant neighborhood declined and became more of an industrial area. 

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More About Ivy City

Ivy City Housing

Ivy City has seen its fortunes rise again with the redevelopment of the Hecht Warehouse as a mixed-use residential and commercial project which has sparked additional investment. The former warehouse has been re-sectioned into sleek, spacious apartments while preserving original brick and other unique architectural elements. Luxury units range from studios to three-bedroom units while 21 units are available at reduced income-adjusted rents.  Residents  enjoy views of the Capitol dome as well as a rooftop dog park and basement speak-easy.  The Flats of Ivy City are another new condo development featuring modern 2-level residences.

Ivy City Entertainment

Additional  specialty shops and entertainment venues have opened in response to the burgeoning interest in the neighborhood. In fact, Ivy City is developing a reputation as DC’s unofficial “distillery district”.  Its many former warehouses are ideal locations for breweries and distilleries. Located within walking distance, the H Street Corridor is another draw with its thriving nightlife and plethora of dining options.  As an up and coming neighborhood, Ivy City is fast earning the brand of a “more affordable 14th Street.”  

Ivy City Location

Ivy City is bounded by New York Avenue to the northwest, West Virginia Avenue to the east, and Mt. Olivet Road to the south.  Nearby neighborhoods include Brentwood to the north and Trinidad to the south.

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