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Trian Johnson
Trian Johnson
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Trian has spent countless hours studying the personality of the myriad of clients from all over the world and the unique character and feel of neighborhoods throughout the area. Her exceptional knowledge, sophistication, and discerning eye enables her to expeditiously assist clients in choosing a neighborhood and a property compatible with their lifestyle and dreams. Throughout her career, clients often compliment Trian on her ability to earn their trust and confidence and deliver phenomenal customer service.

Washington DC and the surrounding areas are ingrained in Trian’s family heritage and her expertise of the uniqueness of the region. Trian’s early education included St. Thomas Apostle, Holy Cross Academy, Oakcrest School for Girls and collegiate studies at Howard University. Along with the responsibilities of being a mother to three children, she established careers with several airlines, a nationally known luxury retail store and is a former educator. Trian's fascination with southern history, architecture and design, and desire for alluring interiors with functionality inspired her love for closets. Having come to the conclusion that where and how a person lives affects every aspect their life, she developed a keen understanding of the importance of closets in a home and the actualization of an abundant and peaceful life.

Specialized knowledge, a genuine concern for her clients, and nearly 20 years experience entertwine to make her the consummate agent for the premiere boutique brokerage in the Washington area. Remarkable professionalism combined with an internationally recognized brand make Trian ideal for both sellers and home buyers.

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